Nicol Suhr

Nicol joins ALDL August 2014 as Principal after 15 years as teacher and Vice-Principal at Nakusp Secondary School. She is also Principal of Lucerne Elementary Secondary School in New Denver. Passionate about student success and changes in how learning happens, Nicol would like to welcome you to Arrow Lakes Distributed Learning School: Personalized learning in a Natural Setting.

Judy Eichhorst
Teacher ~ Selkirk Campus

Judy brings over 20 years of extraordinary teaching in dynamic, flexible environments designed around what each student needs to succeed. Enthusiastic, fun, and extremely knowledgeable, Judy will work diligently with each student towards their personal goals.

Scott Kipkie
Teacher ~ New Denver Campus

Scott also works at Lucerne Elementary Secondary School, specializing in Math, Sciences and Languages. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in designing personalized learning experiences, as well as online environments. Scott works closely with elementary DL students every Wednesday to help students succeed and enjoy their learning.